Kesrie CBD Oil – Changing Lives One drop at a Time

Industrial hemp/medicinal cannabis is all over the news and it is about time this beautiful plant gets attention. With an increase in the awareness and usage, there are certainly more suppliers. CBD Oil is expensive in the market which is why Kesrie CBD started its Journey, to provide the best CBD at affordable prices.

At Kesrie CBD, we have come up with a solution to provide quality products with affordable prices. We have tied up with European Organic farm to source high grade plant material for CBD oil .  We do higher strength CBD Oils and Pure CBD paste with great prices. Our primary goal is health and healing.

There are so many people out there who are disappointed with the high pricing of CBD – we would like to reach out to those most needy people. Our high strength CBD Oils has lot of benefits to offer and the lowest prices possible.

What Our Client Use Our Products For

Theses are opinions from our customers and not scientifically proven yet.

Food Supplement

A great addition to your regular meal


Suppresses Seizure Activity


Aids with Psychosis Disorders such as Anxiety & Depression

Anti Inflammatory

Aids with Inflammatory Disorders

Pain Management

Manages Nerve & Muscle Pain


Overall wellbeing supplement